Benoit Bourban Placed

Tennis stipendium USA

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Country: Switzerland
Height:   6'0 ft
Weight:   159 lbs

Personal & Academic Information


Benoît or Ben as his friends like to call him, is an eighteen-year-old boy that lives in Nendaz, Switzerland. Ben likes sports in general and golf, skiing, soccer and track are the sports he follows and which he still (Golf and skiing) practices regularly. Ben could be described as serious, hard-working, conscientious and a perfectionist. He likes to finish what he starts and to give his best on court as well as at school.

Ben currently is a senior in high school in Sion (Lycée-Collège de la Planta) and will graduate in June 2015. He is trilingual and fluent in French, German and English. He has also been studying Italian for 4 four years in high school. 

When he’s not at school, he likes to spend his time with his friends, reading, watching soccer and going to the gym. Ben teaches tennis once a week to juniors of his home club.

Ben scored a 107 on his TOEFL and is scheduled to take his ACT in September 2014.


Athletic information

Ben has been playing tennis since the age of seven and he started playing tournaments when he was ten. By the age of thirteen, he stopped with track to dedicate himself solely to tennis. 

Ben is a very calculating player that waits for the ball that will allow him to go to the net and finish the point with what probably is his best shot: the volley. Due to that style of game, he doesn’t mind long rallies which emphasizes another of his strengths: his stamina which. Ben also loves to play serve and volley.

As Ben’s trainer used to play a lot in Argentina when he was a professional player (500 ATP), Ben had the chance, along with some training partners, to fly to Buenos Aires twice (2010 and 2011) to practice there for three weeks. This was a great experience and he discovered other ways of playing and practicing there.

In 2013, Ben also spent five weeks at the Sutton Tennis Academy in London to improve both his English and his tennis.

Ben has two junior state titles in his category and also a third and a second national place in junior interclub. This year, Ben’s interclub competes in the National C League, which is the third best league in the country.