Olger van Gent Fall 2015

Tennis beurs Amerika

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2015




Country: The Netherlands 
Height:  5'10 ft
Weight:  154 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Olger is a 17 year old boy who grew up in Ederveen, The Netherlands. He is an optimistic, enthusiastic and social person who works hard to achieve his personal goals. In the little free time that Olger has, he likes to watch movies, spend time with friends and work out. 


When Olger was younger, he had to take certain tests to decide which level of education he was going to participate in. He acheived the maximum score in all of them. Olger is now attending the highest level of high school in The Netherlands and he is expected to graduate in June 2015. Olge acheived a combined score (Cr and Math) of 1080 on his SAT and is scheduled for the TOEFL test in the fall of 2014


He would love to combine his passion for tennis and his education by playing college tennis!


Athletic Information


Olger started playing tennis at the age of 4. At age six, Olger started in the junior program of the Dutch Tennis Federation (KNLTB). During this program he practiced at the Ron Timmermans organization and with the 4 best juniors of his age group at the National training center until he was 16.


During his junior career he played all the nationally ranked tournaments, and he constantly ranked top 5 nationally in his age group. His highest ranking was 2nd, just a few points from the 1st spot. He won important tournaments such as the Dutch Masters, and several ranking tournaments in singles and doubles. He also played Tennis Europe tournaments in other countries with the Dutch national selection, and he played several ITF tournaments in The Netherlands. In 2013 he started to play tournaments for the Dutch national open rankings and he already achieved a ranking in the top 150. At the moment Olger is ranked 106 in singles and 182 in doubles in the men's national ranking.


Olger is a right-handed player, who patiently plays from the baseline until the opportunity arrises to finish the point at the net. Besides his big serve his weapons include his volleys, returns and his persistency.  In addition he has great footwork and is physically very strong. Olger is also a very good doubles player and is a real team player.


Olger practices 15 hours a week, and 4 hours of conditional training. He is a hard worker on the court, and is looking forward to playing college tennis!