Charlotte Tönjann Placed


Date of birth:
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Available Fall 2014




December 2013
December 2013
December 2013
December 2013

Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'2 ft
Weight:  165 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Charlotte was born in Hilversum, the Netherlands, into a so called ‘tennis family’ where all her siblings and parents are highly competitive players. Growing up she spent most of her time on the tennis court together with people that shared the same passion for the game. 


Charlotte comes from a family with two younger brothers and an older sister. She is a spontaneous and cheerful young woman, who interacts easily with other people. When she enters a room, she will not be unnoticed (partly due to her 6,2 ft. height!). Charlotte is a natural athlete and in addition to her tennis, she enjoys field hockey, skiing and swimming. Her other interest is playing the piano.


Academically, Charlotte is an excellent student who is in the top of her senior class at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (VWO). She has always worked hard to obtain good grades and is aware of the importance of doing well academically for her future. Whether in athletics or academics, Charlotte has a drive and determination that distinguishes her from other students and athletes. She is scheduled to take her SAT and TOEFL test in December 2013. 


Her decision to step out of her comfort zone and leave The Netherlands, away from her family and many friends in order to embark on a journey to The USA to follow her tennis dreams, shows her dedication and willingness to succeed.


Athletic Information

Charlotte is a 6’2 ft right handed all-round player with an aggressive game and she will take every opportunity to come to the net. She is a very hard worker and her biggest weapons are her forehand, powerful serve (112 Mph!) and her excellent volleys. In addition she moves very well on the court, she is physically extremely fit. Charlotte’s passion is playing singles but she can also play doubles effectively and works well as a team player. Due to her strong physique Charlotte has successfully been playing open women’s tournaments (both singles and doubles) during her junior career. She has won many tournaments but her biggest accomplishment was winning the regional championships of Utrecht at the age of 15, playing at the adult level.


Charlotte currently practices 10 hours a week on the courts and also goes to the gym twice a week. During the summer Charlotte, who enjoys competition foremost, usually plays at 7-10 tournaments in both singles and doubles.


Results against current college tennis players:


  • Loss vs Isabelle Hoorn (San Diego State University) 6-3 6-4
  • Win vs Kim Vrugteveen (Rockhurst University)
  • Win vs Judith van Fraaijenhoven ( Georgia Gwinnett College)