Naomi de Hart Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2014




Fall 2013

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 154 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Naomi is a 16 year old girl, who grew up in the northern part of The Netherlands. She is a competitive girl and likes to be challenged. Naomi always wants to be the best in everything, on the tennis court, but she has the same drive in the classroom: “Give everything your best shot and be(come) the best!” 

Naomi is currently a senior in high school at the highest level of education at her school in Zwolle. She is expected to graduate in June 2014 and is scheduled to take her ACT test in the fall of 2013. After completion of the ACT test and graduating, Naomi will be eligible to compete in the NCAA.

Naomi sees college tennis as an opportunity to get the best out of herself; as regards to her tennis game and her education. 


Athletic Information

Naomi started playing tennis when she was almost 7 years old and liked it immediately. 

During her junior career Naomi has always been nationally ranked. This year at the national championships under 18, she reached the round of 16 best players. in the national open Dutch women's ranking she is currently ranked a 115 in singles (highest was 89) and 62 in doubles (highest was 55).

Naomi has an offensively game and likes to come to the net when an opportunity arises. With her very powerful serve (with 110 mph she has one of the fastest serves in the Dutch circuit), great volleys, a big forehand and upcoming one-handed backhand she has the ability to play an all-round game. She loves to play singles, but likes to play doubles just as much because of the great versatility and speed of tennis. 

The Royal Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB) has recently awarded Naomi the status of National Talent. She is surely looking forward to working with a coach who can appreciate a girl who is always eager to tap into her potential of development and improvement. 

In one of her first ITF-tournaments, in doubles, Naomi managed to beat  two players of the Austrian national selection: Mira Antonitsch (ITF 512) and Karoline Kurz (ITF 124) (4-6/6-2/11-9). Eventually she lost (3-6/2-6) to an Italian team (Giorgia Marchetti (ITF 146) and Jasmine Paolini (ITF 94)), that ended up winning this tournament, but also a $10.000 tournament not much later.