Krista Good Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available fall 2013




Country: United States
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 123 lbs
High school: Veritas Classical School Alpharetta, Georgia

Personal and Academic Information

Krista is a seventeen year old senior from Kennesaw, Georgia.  In addition to being an excellent athlete, Krista is an exceptional student with a GPA in excess of 4.2+.  Krista has received straight A‚Äôs throughout her academic career and has completed the highest level of academics offered at her school, where she also serves on the yearbook committee.  Krista is a natural teacher, who enjoys serving in her church‚Äôs children ministry and teaching tennis lessons to beginner players through her recently developed coaching business.   


Krista has an interest in journalism and history and she is considering to major in one of these subjects. She has scored a 1840 on her first SAT and she is scheduled to retake it in October of 2012.

Athletic Information
Krista has a great love and talent for athletics and competition.  Krista was formally a competitive gymnast, competing at high levels and participating in the USA Gymnastics Talent Opportunity Program at the national level.  After retiring from gymnastics, Krista explored and excelled in various sports.  While participating in an introductory tennis drills program, Krista fell in love with the sport of tennis.  She later discovered and joined Atlanta Tennis Inc. at the age of 15, where she has quickly accelerated in the sport under the excellent coaching of Danny Carlson, Jimmy Petit, and Colt Gaston.  


On the court, Krista is known for her speed, coordination, and coachability.  A great team player, Krista encourages and motivates other with her positive attitude and excellent work ethic.  She is a mentally strong player and exhibits a never-give-up attitude, which has enabled her to beat seeded and higher ranked opponents.  She is a right-handed, high-energy player with good reflexes and a strong forehand.  Comfortable at both the baseline and the net, her speed and footwork allow her to reach and return almost all shots.

In addition to playing tennis tournaments on the weekends, Krista currently practices approximately 12 hours per week, including two private lessons and four drill sessions.  During the next year, Krista will continue to raise the level of her tennis game, playing in Bullfrogs and other higher level tournaments as she works towards her goal of playing tennis at the college level.