Thijs Bik Fall Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:

13 Jan 1994


Available Fall 2012




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'1 ft
Weight: 148 lbs
High School: Rijnlands Lyceum Sassenheim

Personal and Academic Information

Thijs is a 17 years old tennis player who lives in Leiden, the Netherlands. He loves to play sports and next to tennis he was also a talented soccer player. Besides playing tennis, he is also active in the community setting up various activities for younger children at his tennis club. Thijs is a senior at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands taking bilingual classes (mostly in English). As a result of this Thijs will be rewarded, next to his high school diploma, with an A2 diploma of English level. In addition to this he also follows the class “European International Orientation”. During his time in high school Thijs has participated in diverse international projects, including two exchange projects with Canada and Spain. He loves to travel and he would like to see even more of the world and meeting new people.

Thijs’ ambition is to pursue a degree in The United States which is related to economics. He  will be taking the SAT in December and upon completion of this exam, he will be eligible to compete in both NCAA and NAIA.

Athletic Information

Thijs started to Play tennis when he was 7 years old and soon his talents were discovered by the Dutch national tennis association (KNLTB) where he practiced for two years. After that he continued to practice with his club coaches where he further developed himself. Thijs is a all round tennis player with a good serve, aggressive ground strokes and solid volleys. He is a very smart player on the court and he has the ability to adapt his game when needed. In addition to this, Thijs also has excellent footwork and a great work ethic.

During his tennis career Thijs has been the runner up in his district (Under 12, 14 and 16) and he currently holds a rating of 3.3. Although he had most of his success in singles play, his understanding of the doubles game has improved a lot the last few years.