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Date of birth:
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 Available Fall 2015



Fall 2014
Fall 2014
Fall 2014
Fall 2014

Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'1 ft
Weight:  150 lbs

Personal and Academic


Josha is a 17-year old boy who’s born and raised in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands with his father, mother, little brother and two dogs. He is a very dedicated swimmer and he wants to reach as high as possible. Besides swimming Josha trains in the gym with a personal trainer to become stronger and achieve better swim results. In the holidays Josha loves to travel and in his spare time he likes spend time with friends and family. 


Josha attends the Centre for Sports and Education (CSE) high school in Zwolle. This is officially the most sports orientated high school of The Netherlands and sports and school can ideally be combined. Josha is currently a senior and is expected to graduate in June of 2015. He is scheduled to take the SAT and the TOEFL in fall of 2014.   


Athletic Information


Josha started to learn swimming when he was 4 years old. When he was 6 years old he decided to become a member of the local swim Club and started to prepare for his first matches at the age of 9 years old. Josha swam his first national championships when he was 11 years old in his age group. From then on he swam several times at the national junior championships. 


When he was 15 years old, Josha decided to transfer to a different club in order to have better and more frequent practice to become a better swimmer. Since then his progression is noticeable and he qualified several times for the open national championships. Nowadays Josha is still progressing specially since he recently expanded his practice hours even more. At the moment he has 10 and a half hours of swim practice and 3 hours of practice in the gym.


Josha has swum international tournaments like the International Swim meeting in Berlin,Germany (two times), the FISEC games in Lisbon, Portugal, Valetta,Malta, the World Sports Festival in Vienna, Austria and more. Last year, Josha traveled to south-Spain for one and a half week of practicing.


His current personal records converted to yards are:

50 yard freestyle: 0:22.42
100 yard butterfly: 0:54.36
100 yard breaststroke: 1:04.62
100 yard backstroke: 0:54.23
100 yard freestyle: 0:48.69
200 yard medley: 2:02.32
200 yard freestyle: 1:47.57
200 yard backstroke: 2:03.49
200 yard breaststroke: 2:21.66
200 yard butterfly: 2:02.17
400 yard Medley: 4:21.40

All of his personal records can be found via: 

Please note that these records are measured in meters and not in yards. In order to convert you can use this too