Indy Meerding fall 2022

Universiteits voetbalbeurs Amerika Indy

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2022



Fall 2021

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'5 ft
Weight: 118 lbs


Personal and academic information:


Indy Meerding is a driven 15-year-old soccer player who is raised with her two older brothers by her parents in Soest, The Netherlands. She is a social, disciplined, loyal, ambitious and caring person with  a go-getter mentality that doesn’t  gives up.


In addition to her soccer qualities, Indy is also a great student who is at the top of her class. Currently she is in her junior year of highschool (HAVO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2022. She achieved a composite score of 20 on her ACT and she is scheduled to take the TOEFL in Fall of 2021.


Indy wants to develop herself academically as well as a soccer player and that is the main reason why she wants to play college soccer


Athletic information:


Indy started playing soccer for her hometown club VV SEC at eight years old and played there in boys teams until U-14. She then transferred to SO Soest where she also played in a boys' team for a year. She was then asked to play for the first U-17 girls team of soccer academy of UVVA that plays in a 2nd division boys' U-16 league. Here she is team captain and plays as center-back and is occasionally used as a midfielder, a right-back or left-back. Every week she trains three times and has a game with her team and besides that, she also trains by herself. This coming season she will be captain again for the first U-17 girls team that will compete in the 2nd division boys' U-17 league.


Indy is a technical, physically strong defender who is calm on the ball and has a good tactical understanding of the game. Other strong skills of Indy are that she is fast, has a good cross and has a good and fair tackle. She also is a real leader and team player who coaches her teammates. She has a winners mentality, never gives up and is able to learn new skills and knowledge rapidly and uses this on the field.