Eva Sakkers fall 2021

Universiteits voetbalbeurs Amerika Eva

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2021



Spring 2021

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'8 ft
Weight: 128 lbs

Personal and academic information


Eva Sakkers is a seventeen-year-old girlwho lives in Beverwijk, The Netherlands. She is a very athletic girl and in her spare time she likes to watch soccer, hang out with friends and spend some time with her family.  


In 2020 Eva graduated her VMBO-T (Preparatory secondary vocational education) and is currently attending a MBO (Senior secondary vocational education) with a focus on marketing and communication. She is schedules to take her TOEFL in March and GED in May.

Eva would like to keep developing in sports (her goal is to become a professional player) but also in her studies. She realizes that college soccer will be the ideal path for her. 


Athletic information


Eva started to play soccer at a local club Odin’ 59 at the age of five years old. At Odin’ 59 she always played in boys teams. At the age of 12 she was scouted by professional academy Telstar where she played for two years. Eva also played for the regional team of the Dutch national association (KNVB) from her tenth to her fifteenth. When she was fifteen she made it to the last selection rounds for the national team U-17, unfortunately she was not selected.


In 2017 she transferred another professional academy, VV Alkmaar, where she played in the U-16 team that played at the highest national level for three years. This season Eva plays for the U-21 team that plays at the highest national level.  


Eva’s is a technically gifted player with great overview. Her favorite position is midfielder but she can also be used as an upcoming-defender. Her best qualities are dribbling, positioning, passing and playing physical. She is eager to learn gives everything she got in every practice and game. She is therefore often used as an example for her team members.