Jason Ritzer Fall 2021

voetbalbeurs Amerika Jason

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Available Fall 2021




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'6 ft
Weight: 143 lbs

Personal and academic information

Jason is a 17-year- old guy who lives with his family in Wassenaar, The Netherlands. He is raised very internationally by his parents who worked internationally over the years. He therefor speaks besides Dutch; English, German (father is German) and French. Jason’s personality can be described as calm, very motivated, organized and extremely focused.  His coaches (and also his teachers) praise his outstanding discipline –on and off the pitch.

Jason enjoys a lot of other sports and excels at all of them: tennis (when he was young), skiing and snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, skateboarding.

In addition to being a great athlete Jason also excels in the classroom. He is currently a senior in high school at the highest level (VWO/Atheneum) holding a 4.0 GPA and is expected to graduate in June 2020. He will receive an IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma as well since he followed his education bilingual. He achieved a composite score of 1030 on the SAT and a score of 100 on the TOEFL.

Jason has always liked the American lifestyle and combining high-level academic studies with playing soccer on the highest college level in the United States is like a dream to him.

Athletic Information

Jason started playing soccer at the age of 5 and from the beginning his talent was recognized. After playing an age group ahead (playing U-13 at the age of 11) he was noticed by Excelsior Rotterdam and after a successful testing he was invited to do a year-long internship. During that same season, Jason was selected for the regional team of the Dutch federations KNVB amateur team. At the end of the season, Excelsior offered him a spot in the U-14 squad. Jason has played for Excelsior Rotterdam ever since and always on the highest or second-highest national level against other top professional academies like Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven and Feijenoord. In addition he also played internationally against clubs like; Chelsea, Paris St.Germain and many of the Belgium pro clubs such as RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge.

During the 2016/17 season, the Dutch federation KNVB selected Jason for the national Future Group Under 15 – which is a selection of nation-wide talents that are late with their physical development. Jason played all season in the selection where they also played friendly games against the Dutch National Team Under 15.

Jason has started his career as central defender and left back, but soon moved into the mid-field. Playing well with both his right and left foot, he can play all positions mid-field and on the forward wings. His strengths are his overview and insight into the game which causes him to be often open to pass to and his is able to control and organize the game. When having the ball, his technical capacities and speed allow him to execute his ideas that are always fruitful and constructive and often lead to assists or goals. He is very capable in small crowded spaces and he is calm and secure on the ball and equally strong in defensive and attacking play. In addition he has a extremely good stamina and works very hard. Lastly he is very coachable and always wants to progress and improve.

As his physical development is delayed, Excelsior decided to keep him in a younger age group for 2 years to avoid injuries and give him enough rest to grow. He is expected  to grow 5’9 ft by the end of the summer of 2020. Excelsior has stated several times that they plan for the long-run and see the clear potential in Jason to join the club’s professional first team after finishing the youth academy.