Jip Tardij Placed

Voetbal beurs Amerika Jip

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2019




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6' ft
Weight: 170 lbs

Personal and academic information


Jip Tardij is a 17-year-old boy who was born and raised in Zwolle, The Netherlands. He is a hardworking, very ambitious person who is always trying to improve himself.  He has a strong personality, likes to motivate others and is very dedicated to reaching his goals.


Jip is currently in his senior year of high school (HAVO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2019. His favorite subjects are Economics and English. In addition to his regular course load, Jip follows a special program on his High School named: ‘International Business College’. Here they learn how to set up a company, do internships and more business related affairs. Jip had an internship at Price Waterhouse Coopers. He achieved a combined score of 1130 on his SAT and a score of 96 on the TOEFL.


Jip has visited the USA twice and fell in love with the country ever since. It is his dream to combine playing soccer on a high level while studying Business Management in The United States.


Athletic information:


Jip started playing soccer at his local club SV Zwolle at the age of 7 years old. At this club he always played in the highest teams of his age group. During his years at SV Zwolle, he was noticed by the professional soccer club PEC Zwolle that plays at the highest national division in The Netherlands. Jip made it through the last selection round but eventually was not picked.


At the age of 14, he transferred to a bigger club, Be Quick 28’ in order to play at a higher level. He started there in the first U-15 team where he played on the national level, third division (2nd highest division in The Netherlands). The following year he played for the first U-17 team that also competed in the third division. Jip is currently still playing in this team.


Jip is a strong 6' ft right footed center back who has a good overview of the game. His biggest strengths are his speed, strength, endurance, tackles and his long passes. With his speed and strength as a defender, he almost never loses a one on one. He is strong at the ball and always keeps calm when on the ball. Jip is a highly motivated player.