Luuk Teurlinx Placed

Voetbal beurs amerika Luuk keeper

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 191 lbs

Personal and academic information


Luuk is a 20-year-old boy who grew up in Helvoirt, The Netherlands. He is a hardworking, social person who is very ambitious and is always looking for ways to develop himself into a better individual, athlete and student. 


Luuk is very familiar with the combination of a busy soccer and school schedule and he still manages to keep an outstanding GPA in school. Luuk graduated high school in June 2015 and then immediately enrolled into Eindhoven Tech university in the Netherlands majoring mechanical engineering. In fall of 2017 (after completing 3 full time and 1 part time semester) Luuk transfered to Florida Institute of Technology to continue his education. At the end of this spring semester will have obtained 80 credits with a GPA of 4.0 at Florida Tech. He is a memeber of the Tau Beta Pi honor society. 


Athletic information


Luuk is a physical strong two footed modern goalkeeper who has the personality to organise and coach his defenseHe has outstanding reflects, is very strong in one on one situations and in possession he can be used as an extra field player and help with distributing the ball. He has developed a great kick, from the ground and dropkick/volley.


During his junior career Luuk played in the youth academies of professional soccer clubs RKC Waalwijk (U12) and FC den Bosch (U15, U17 and U19) where he played at the highest junior level. At the age of 16 Luuk was selected to make an appearance in the U23 team for the first time and at the age of 18 he was a full member of that team. In the U23 team he also made his first appearance for the first men's team that played at the 2nd highest men's level in the Netherlands (Jupiler League). The year before going to the USA Luuk transferred to   the first men's team of TEC that competes in the second devision in The Netherlands.


In his season at Florida Tech he started 3 games but after an injury his substitute was doing a very good job. This spring Luuk practiced with the Saint Louis FC and played a game for them against FIU. He also practiced with Minnesota United for a day. Luuk is looking to transfer to play at a higher level in the fall of 2018.