Emma van der Vorst Placed

College voetbal beurs Amerika Emma

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 162 lbs

Athletic information


Emma is an 18-year-old girl who is born and raised in a family with two sisters in The Hague, The Netherlands. She is an intelligent, hardworking and stable girl with a well-developed sense of justice and an open, honest character. 

In 2014 Emma was selected as a youth delegate to represent The Netherlands in Football for Friendship. This is an international children’s social program initiated by Gazprom. It includes a number of sport and educational events held in different countries around the globe. With Football for Friendship Emma visited the Champions League final in Lissabon between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Emma is currently a senior in high school at the highest level (gymnasium) and is expected to graduate in June 2018. Her favorite subjects are physics and biology and in addition to her mandatory classes she is also taking Latin as an extra subject.

Playing college soccer in the United States of America is simply a dream come true for her. The competitive sports- and study culture appeals to her imagination.


Athletic information

Emma started playing soccer when she was 5 years old. She started playing in boys competition and soon her talents were recognized.

At the age of 10 Emma was selected by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) for the regional team U12. With her district team U14 she became the national champion. Thereafter she was selected for the national Dutch junior team U15, U16 and U17.

Emma was just 14 years old when the KNVB invited her to come to CTO Amsterdam and she currently still resides here. CTO Amsterdam offers a unique opportunity for talented athletes to combine full time training, studying and living in Amsterdam. Professional equipment and minimal travel time for the athlete are key elements. They accommodate training, educational facilities, housing and facilitate medical care, physical training and mental guidance within cycling distance. 

Emma is a physically strong, both footed midfielder who can also be used as a forward. She has great understanding of the game and can very well distribute the play. She is a leader in and outside the field and her strongest points are her passing, shooting and heading. In addition she is very determined, likes to work hard, and has an excellent mentality

In her short career she has played 24 caps for the national junior team of The Netherlands in different age groups. In 2015 she and her team won the Nordic Tournament in Denmark.