Sander van der Sluijs placed

College voetbal beurs Sander

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018



February 2018

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'4 ft
Weight: 176 lbs


Personal and academic information


Sander is a 18 year old guy from Oostzaan, The Netherlands,  a small town near Amsterdam. He can be described as social and hard working who has been passionate about playing soccer and the USA ever since he was very little. He wants nothing more than follow his dream to play soccer in the USA while obtaining a bachelor’s degree

Sander is currently in his senior year of high school (HAVO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2018. His favorite subjects are english, economics, mathematics & PE. Sander is scheduled to take both SAT as wel as the TOEFL test in the December of 2017.

Athletic information


Sander started playing soccer at his local club OFC where he always played in the highest teams. He started playing at the central midfield position and as his pace and dribbling heavily increased changed to attacking-midfielder.  

At the age of 15, he transferred to the biggest amateur club in the area (Fortuna Wormerveer) and became the striker of the highest team U16. After 2 very successful years he transferred to a club which was closer to home, Hercules. He currently plays for the highest youth team U19 mostly as a striker but when the situation requires he can easily play attacking midfielder.

Sander can be described as a leader in the team who is very skillful with the ball and has good technique. Moreover, he has the right physique to be successful in the penalty area; with his height (6’4 ft) he easily scores headers as well as being able to get the ball past his opponent. In addition he is strong at the ball and provides a lot of assists 

Sander has been the topscorer of his team for the last 4 years and always gets almost as much if not more assists as goals. His biggest heros are Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo da Lima and Ronaldinho.