Marvin Hakvoort Placed

fussball stipendien USA Marvin

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2016




Country: Germany
Height: 5'10 ft
Weight: 151 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Marvin Hakvort is a 17-year-old boy who lives with his parents and brother in Vreden, Germany. Marvin is a passionate soccer player and very involved in local community services.

Besides school and soccer, Marvin is a member of the local catholic church and committed to numerous community services such as altar services and summer camp supervisor.

Marvin is currently a senior in high school at the Gymnasium Georgianum and he will complete his A-Level exams in May 2016. He has a GPa of and his core classes are Math and Physics together with English, German, Literature, Latin, Chemistry, HPE, Religion, and Geography. Marvin achieved a TOEFL test score of 78 and 22 on the ACT.

Athletic Information

At the age of 6 years, Marvin started his soccer career at the local club team in Vreden named SpVgg Vreden 1921 e.V. Marvin has always played competitively in higher youth league and throughout his junior soccer career he played in the All-Region youth team until the age of 16. Concluding his All-Region career, Marvin has been named best U19 player of the soccer club.

Today, Marvin is guiding and leading the plays of Vreden’s U19 (under 19 years) team contributing significantly to the teams championship in 2015. His performance enabled him to participate in try-outs from Jan-May 2015 with the U19 Preußen Münster Bundesliga team.

Starting in August 2015, Marvin will also join SpVgg Vreden 1921 e.V.  1st senior team playing in the 6th German soccer league. Aiming at studying abroad, Marvin has never signed a semi-professional contract to play soccer.

Marvin is a central defensive midfielder. He is also familiar with the positions of a left or right back/midfielder. Marvin is a very technically skilled left-footer. Key features of his game are his capabilities of protecting/keeping the ball in possession and pushing the team’s efforts with straight, precise and smart plays. In terms of his physical capabilities, Marvin’s stamina and endurance are very distinct and well above average.

In conclusion, Marvin is a very talented soccer player to build plays and possibly a team around. In his actions and behavior, Marvin is a leader on and off the soccer field.