Jorge Quezada Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Spring 2014




Country: United States
Height: 5'10 ft
Weight: 135 lbs

Personal and Academic Information 

Jorge is a bright young American of Mexican descent that has been playing soccer all of his life. He started playing at the age of 3 and has not stopped ever since. He speaks English and Spanish fluently and is learning French. Comes from a family of soccer players his father played soccer at University in Mexico he is the one who has helped him develop much of his skills and love for the game. 

Jorge was always a great student and with his international experience has been able to achieve more and experience different ways of life. He maintained a 3.5 GPA in his previous high school. He was always great at math and never had any trouble with balancing school work and soccer training. He has lived in many parts of the United States and in Brussels where he lives now. Relocating 4 times in his life (last one internationally) shows adaptability in adjusting to new places and not only coping but thriving in these new environments.


Jorge scored a 1070 on his SAT (Critical reading and Mathematics combined) and is retaking the test on December 1st. He is eligible to compete in both the NCAA and NAIA.


Athletic Information

Jorge began his competitive soccer career at the age of 9 where he started playing for the Houston Texans in Houston where he played with 11 year olds. From there on, he mostly played with kids older than he was. Due to his young age he was always the youngest of his team but always started and was key factor to every team he played. Within the Texans he played for several teams up until he was 12 where he played for the Texans Fire which was at one point ranked number one in the state of Texas.

Jorge played non-stop even during winters he trained indoors and futsal.  During summers he played in international tournaments with 2 Mexican teams (Astros of Juarez) where he trained the whole summer 2005 in Mexico to attend the Copa Chivas in Guadalajara where they placed 3rd. Although his short time with the team and him being a year younger he managed to earn a starting position. The following summer he played for the school of Chivas in Juarez where again he attended the same tournament and placed 5th out of 16 teams from all over Mexico and US. These tournaments allowed Jorge to really get the feel for international football with the different styles of play. 


When he arrived in Virginia he continued to play Division I soccer for the whole time he was there as well as becoming a part of the VYSA Olympic Development program for his state where he played against other states in the US. He played soccer during his freshman & sophomore years and continues to play at his International school in Brussels.  He had the opportunity to attend tournaments in Munich and Milan playing against top international school teams in Europe.  


Jorge is a real creative and quick player and his preferred position is attacking midfield but is a very versatile player.  Jorge can play anywhere you need him to along with his speed, clever feet ability to strike with both legs and great dominance of the ball are his main strong points.