Christiaan Caanen Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2013




Country: Italy
Height: 6'0 ft
Weight: 171 lbs

Personal and Academic Information 

Christiaan is a highly motivated 17 year old guy from The Netherlands who is dedicated to developing himself athletically as well as academically. Coming from a soccer-loving family , it is no surprise he grew up playing the game. At the age of 13 Christiaan moved with his family to Germany and 2 years later to Rome, Italy where he currently still resides. Due to his international experience, Christiaan is multilingual, speaking Dutch, English, German and Italian fluently.

Apart from soccer, Christiaan has always strived to be an excellent student. In The Netherlands, Germany and now Italy he managed to excel in all areas of school due to his hard work, dedication and drive to succeed. He is expected to graduate from the American overseas school of Rome (currently holds a 3.2 GPA), in June of 2013.

Christiaan successfully completed his SAT with a score of  1750. He is eligible to compete in both the NCAA and NAIA.

Athletic Information

Christian started playing soccer at the age of six years at FC Victoria, a local club, in the Netherlands and soon his talents were recognized. He always played an age group higher than his own and at the age of 12, he earned a position on the Dutch regional U-14 team. After moving  to Munich, Germany at the age of 13 he attended the Bavarian International School where he made it onto the team. He was the only player from the freshman class to earn a position as a starter on the varsity team. 

During the summer of 2010 (sophomore year) Christiaan moved to Rome, Italy and attended the American Overseas School of Rome. As a newcomer he was one of only two sophomores who made the varsity squad as a starter. As the defensive midfielder he helped his team winning the Italian Championship and to reach a second place finish in the All-European Tournament (DoDDS). Throughout that season as a defensive midfielder he scored seven goals and five assists over the course of 11 games. As a junior he made 1st team all-conference for the 2nd year in a row. 

Christiaan is a real team player and his preferred position is defensive midfield. Besides his speed, his strong points are his passing abilities, technique, insight, ball handling skills and his work ethic.

During the summer of 2012, Christiaan and his coach went to the US for a month to visit colleges all the way from Iowa to North-Carolina. This experience strengthened him in the idea that playing college soccer in the USA is really is what he wants.