Susan Beks Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015




Country: The Netherlands 
Height:   5'10 ft
Weight:   154 lbs

Personal and Academic


Susan is a 18-year old girl who grew up in Groningen, The Netherlands. She comes from a real ski family, her father was a ski instructor, her mother loves to ski and her brother competed at a high level alpine skiing. It came not as a surprise that Susan also got interested in skiing. 


Susan graduated high school in June 2013. She went to special high school for people who play sports at a high level (LOOT school) in order to best combine school and sport. This was necessary for Susan since she was away from home for almost 25 weeks a year. Despite the fact that she was away for that length of time each year, Susan graduated without any delay in 2013 with a GPA of 2.5. Susan enrolled into Rocky mountain college in the fall of 2014 and is currently holding a 3.6 GPA after passing 16 credits and is enrolled into 16 credits this spring


Athletic Information


The first time Susan was on skies she was 2 years old and soon her talents were recognized. When she was 12 she knew she wanted to try to go to the next level and increased her number of practice hours.


At age 15 she started to race internationally and also became a member of an international team with girls all around the world. This team travelled around Europe and she improved her ranking a lot each year. 


At the age of 17 she qualified for the national ski team of The Netherlands and among other things became 3rd at the Dutch national championships. This year she further developed herself and that resulted in becoming Dutch National Champion by winning the giant slalom by 2 seconds and being third in slalom.


Her best results over the last two years:


Season 2013/2014:

  • Scored her best result of 45 points in slalom and 46 in giant slalom. 
  • Reached 2 podium places and 13 top 10 finishes.
  • Became National Dutch Champion
  • Ranked as high as 87th of the world in her age group.

Season 2012/2013:

  • Scored her best result of 35 points in giant slalom.
  • Won an international FIS race.
  • Improved her giant slalom with 30 points.
  • Reached 6 top 10 finishes. 
  • Third place at the National Dutch slalom Championships.