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Available Fall 2012



Fall 2011
Fall 2011
Fall 2011
Fall 2011

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 145 lbs
High School: International School Eindhoven

Personal and Academic Information

Lars is a 17 year old boy who is in love with the game of golf. Lars was born in Italy and has lived there till the age of 14 untill his parents decided to move back to The Netherlands.

While living in Italy, Lars attended the International School of Padua. Since he is back in The Netherlands he attends the International School of Eindhoven. Lars speaks four languages fluently (English, Italian, Dutch and Spanish), and should finish his International Baccalaureat exam in the spring of 2012. Lars is scheduled to take his SAT exam in the fall of 2011.

Athletic Information

Lars started playing golf at the age of 9 with his teaching pro Tony Lionello. Soon his talents were recognized and he competed at the highest national level for his age group in Italy. When Lars returnd to Holland in 2008 he joined the national Dutch boys team for which he plays tournaments internationally. At the moment the handicap of Lars is +0,3 handicap.

His best results over the last two years are:


  • National Strokeplay Championships 76,73,75,75 (15th)
  • Trofeo Umberto Agnelli Royal Park golfcourse, May  77,73,72,73
  • International Italian Amateur Championships Villa d‚ÄôEste, May  69 , 73  8-finals
  • River Woods Junior Open Toxandria, July  75,77,74,78 (30th)
  • European Boys Team Prague City, July   78,78,
  • Dutch Championships under 18 Golfclub Veldzijde, June 74,73 (3rd)  
  • Dutch Brabants Open Eindhoven  71,74,74 (15th)
  • National Dutch Open Championships Houtrak  73,76,73,73 (16th)
  • European Boys Team Challenge trophy 72,72, 64 (6th)
  • Hungarian Amateur Open Championships


  • European Boy‚Äôs  72,69 (T15 individual and as team 8th)
  • National Dutch Open  74,75,70,76 (15th)
  • Internationa Italian junior championships Biella August 78,75,75,70, (par 73)   (7th ) Place
  • European Young Masters 86,76,78
  • Junior Championship Cervia, Italy, July  78,69 (2nd)
  • Official Championship city of Cervia, July 74,79,73 (2nd)
  • National Dutch Championship under 18, September  74,75(4th)

Lowest round. 64 (-8)
Percentage fairway hit: 65%
Greens in regulation: 67%
Putts per round: 32
Putts per hole: 1.772
Putts per GIR: 1.895
Sand saves: 60%
Ups en Downs: 55%