Amber Boot Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2012




State/Province: Noord-Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'7ft
Weight: 140 lbs
High School: Keizer Karel College

Personal Information

Amber was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1994. She has lived in this beautiful city for 16 years with her parents and sister. The hockey fields are a two-minutes walk away, so in her spare time she often attends various hockey matches.  Amber has seen a lot of the world, traveling abroad regularly with her family. She has experienced many cultures, habits and languages. Amber wants to learn more about the world and the next place she wants to go is the United States, a fascinating country. Aside from hockey, music is also a big part of Amber’s life; she has her own band and plays saxophone. Another hobby for Amber is running, which she likes to do to keep her physical conditions at a high level. Amber is a determined person and when she sets a goal, she goes after it 100%.

Athletic Information

Amber started player hockey when she was six years old. As a little girl she was always fully committed to her team. And now, ten years later, she still is. Thanks to the sport, she has learned a lot about herself, how to play on a team, and how to work hard. Amber currently plays in the first team of the hockey club called Hurley, playing national level with her team and during the winter she will play indoor hockey.

Over the past years amber has won many tournaments, including both ordinary field and indoor competitions. For the last two years, she has been captain of her team, and knows how to motivate and lead her team.  Amber is a fighter with good technique, but her strongest point is a thorough understanding of the game. She really thinks of hockey as a strategy sport and the combination of her mental and physical game makes Amber a very good hockey player. Amber’s position in the field is usually center midfielder, but she can also play as a center defender if the pressure is high.

On the side, Amber enjoys training youth hockey players and refereeing games, as she has her referee license.

Academic Information

Amber will graduate from high school in June 2012 at the highest level of study in the Netherlands. By that time she will have studied six years at Keizer Karel College in Amstelveen. Amber has always been a good student, going through her studies without difficulties. Last years she was junior mentor at her school and helped new students get accommodated at school. As a result of this experience she learned a lot about responsibility. Amber is ready for something new and hopes to continue to play hockey and study at a challenging university in the United States.