Josephine Boek Fall 2021

College hockeybeurs Amerika Josephine Boek

Date of birth:
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Available Fall 2021




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 125 lbs 

Personal and academic information


Josephine Boek is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Bennekom, the Netherlands. She grew up in a big family, being the youngest of four kids. She is a very active hard working person with a positive attitude, always walking around with a smile on her face. She canÔÇÖt sit still, so if there are no field hockey activities, she likes playing other sports, the piano or hanging out with friends and to do activities with her family. Besides that, she coaches a junior field hockey team, tutors math, enjoys babysitting and has experience as a waitress in a restaurant.

Josephine skipped a grade in elementary school, however this did not affected her grades at all. Josephine is in her senior year of high school at the highest level (gymnasium) and is expected to graduate in June of 2021. She chose the subjects Latin and economics in addition to her basic profile; science, health and engineering. She achieved a composite score of 26 on her SAT and 103 on her TOEFL.


Athletic information


Josephine started playing field hockey at her local club WMHC (Wageningen Mixed Hockey Club) and has been playing there  ever since. During her junior career she has always been on the first team of her age group playing most of the time at the highest level in The Netherlands. In the 2018/2019 season, she won the national Dutch championship with her team (NK Super B kampioen). Josephine is currently playing in the first U-18 team that plays at the highest level (national), driven to make it to the NK (national Dutch championships).

She is a very fast and energetic player that aggressively runs the press. Due to her understanding of the game she knows when to create spaces in the field and when making herself available to the defenders so that they have an opportunity to pass the ball. With her speed she often runs past the defense of the opposing team. In addition, Josephine has been the (first) injector with the penalty corner for the past 5 years. 

She is a versatile field hockey player who has been a defensive player for 6 years. This season her coach thought that a transfer to the frontline was better suited for her type of game and development.