Carmel van Dijk Placed

College hockey beurs USA

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2020




Country: The Netherlands
Height:   5'6 ft
Weight:  104 lbs 

Personal and academic information

Carmel is a 15-year-old girl who lives with her family in Almere, The Netherlands. She can be described as a committed, intelligent and ambitious young woman who is very mature for her age and works hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself. Besides playing field hockey, Carmel likes to swim, (wind)surf and go hiking in the summer. During the winter months, her family and friends travel to Austria to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. 

In addition to being a good athlete, Carmel also excels in the classroom. In her high school career she has skipped two years and she is currently at the top of her class at the highest Dutch level (Gymnasium – pre-university level) holding a 3.9 GPA. She is expected to graduate in the subjects: Dutch, English, Mathematics, PE, Civics, Latin, Management & Organization, and German in June 2020. Carmel achieved a score of 1350 on her SAT (retaking it in December) and a score of 103 on her TOEFL.

She is absolutely certain that combining a degree education with top-level collegiate sports in the US will help her realize her dreams.

Athletic Information

Carmel started playing field hockey at H.C. De Almeerse at the age of five and during her junior career Carmel has consistently made the first team in her age group. She has remained true to her field hockey club and all the teams she has played on have competed at a high level. This year Carmel is playing Topklasse for the first U-17 team

Carmel is a dynamic offensive player who can also be used as a midfielder. She has great tactical insight and excellent defense skills and she instinctively knows how to remain calm and search for a useful pass. She also proves her worth in connecting defense to offense. This season her coach noticed her overview and drive could be put to good use in scoring goals. Carmel plays with an intense drive to score and is therefore a steady component in the team. She is also a natural leader; she was made team captain last season and coaching teammates in the field comes easily to her. During her time as time captain, Carmel learned the importance of forging good relationships. She is the stopper with an offensive penalty corner 

Carmel practices three times a week and plays a game each Saturday. She is continually looking for ways to improve, she has been participating in special training sessions to help perfect her hit, drag flick and even more tricks with the ball. Moreover, she took up core training at the age of 13 to improve her physical strength. In all her years as a field hockey player, she has never experienced an injury of any kind, which makes her an extremely reliable player. She has been provided with letters of recommendation by TEAM USA players Deegan Huisman and Argentinian Olympian, Alex Verga.