Sanne Jiskoot Fall 2021

College field hockey Sanne

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Available Fall 2020



January 2020

Country: The Netherlands
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Personal and academic information

Sanne Jiskoot is a 17-year- old female who lives with her 19-year-old brother, her 14-year-old sister, her mother (who is a General Practitioner) and her father (who is a project manager at TomTom navigation systems) in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. She comes from a very athletic family and Sanne was also born with the passion for sports. Besides field hockey Sanne is passionate about sports in general. At her school she has been following a special class called BSM (bewegen, sport en maatschapij, or Be sports minded). This class is specialized in all kind of sports, a few examples are: football, ice hockey, lacrosse and golf.

Sanne can be described as kind, loving, determent, compassionate and competitive. In her spare time she is a volunteer at her own Hockey club and she teaches the young pupils the fine tricks of hockey. On Sundays she works behind the bar at the clubhouse and every now and then she fills her nights babysitting. 

Sanne is expected to graduate high school at het highest Dutch level (VWO – pre-university level) holding a 3.5 GPA in June 2020.  She has both a science/engineering as well as a science/health profile. She will graduate in the subjects: English, Dutch, Geography, Mathematics (B), Chemistry, Physics, Biology and BSM. She is also member of the student council.

Sanne achieved a composite score of 22 on her ACT and is scheduled to take the Toefl early spring 2020.

Athletic Information

Sanne has been playing field hockey for H.O.D (Hockey Ons Devies) since she was five years old. During her junior career Sanne has always been playing for the first junior team in her age group and she and her team have become champion three times in the major league and twice in the subtop. In addition she was selected for the southern districts team. This season Sanne is playing at the 2nd highest national level (super A).

Sanne is a talented defender with a strong tackle back who always gives it a 110%. Sanne is specialized in taking penalty corners, she is the hitter/pusher, for the defense she a line stop. Sanne is also capable to scoop a ball almost have the pitch. She can sometimes be used as a striker when the situation requires it.