Merlijn van der Vegt Placed

Field hockey beurs Amerika Merlijn

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2019



January 2019

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 123 lbs 

Personal and academic information

Merlijn is the youngest in a family of four and lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has been inspired to pursue the chance to play for a US college by her elder sister, who attended Cornell University and played club field hockey there.


Besides field hockey, Merlijn loves to go skiing, sailing, skating, swimming, and playing soccer. She has been coaching young keepers (age 8-10 years) for 2 years.


In addition to her club field hockey, Merlijn is also the goalie of the first team at her high school. At nationals last year the team made it to the quarter finals. When Merlijn isn't playing field hockey she is washing dishes at the restaurant where she works once a week.


Merlijn is currently a senior in high school at the highest level of secondary education(VWO) and is expected to graduate in June of 2019. Her GPA is 3.5 and will graduate in the following subjects: English, Dutch, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Nature, Life and Technology Studies, Sciences, and Social studies. She achieved a composite score of 27 and is scheduled to  her TOEFL in January of 2019.


Athletic information


Merlijn started playing field hockey at Kampong Sports Club in Utrecht at the age of 6 and chose to become a goalkeeper at the age of 13. During her junior career as goalie she was part of the team that has won the national championships multiple times. Last season they finished in fourth place at the National championships.


In addition, Merlijn was also part of the first U-18 indoor team (A1) that became runner up at the Dutch national indoor championships. Playing indoors has helped Merlijn improve her reflexes and speed of decision making.


Kampong has a long tradition of training and educating players who go on to compete at international competitions including the Olympics, and World and European Championships. Over the years, Merlijn has taken full advantage of all the resources the club has to offer, including coaching by professional players, opportunities to play extra games with other teams, and attending workshops.


After playing for Kampong for the last 11 years Merlijn has transferred to MMHC Voordaan in order to play at a higher level. She is currently the starting goalie for the second women’s team that plays in the second highest league of their system (Reserve overgangs klasse). In addition she is the back up goalie of de first women’s team that competes on the second highest women’s level (Overgangsklasse)


Merlijn practices two times a week with the second women's team, once a week with the first women's team and once a week with the first U-18 team. Additionally, she has goalie training once a week with the keeper of the first women's team.


Merlijn is a flexible goalkeeper with excellent endurance. She knows how to stay focused for the entirety of the game and be ready to spring into action at any time. Her strong suits include penalty corners, tip-ins, balls from the top of the circle and penalty strokes. She is very interested in tactics and knows how to coach the players on her team to put up the best defense possible. She is committed to her team 100% and never gives up.