Minke Koomen Placed

Hockey beurs Amerika Minke Koomen

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'5 ft
Weight: 120 lbs


Personal and academic Information


Minke is born and raised in Velp, the Netherlands, where she lives with her parents, her elder sister and her younger brother. She is a very athletic person who loves all kinds of sports. She loves to ski and snowboard, she played soccer in a boys’ team and she obtained her golf license two years ago. In addition she is playing volleyball as a libero for her high school team and reached the finals with her high school field hockey team.


Minke shows great interest in different areas, for example she is the chairman of the school drama club board and loves to perform. She also likes more individual activities like reading and writing and she has a special interest in philosophical subjects as well. 


Minke is going into her senior year at the highest level of high school (Gymnasium) and is expected to graduate in June 2017. She has both a science/engineering as well as a science /health profile and she participates in the special Honors Program. Minke graduates in the following subjects: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, natural science, economics, philosophy, sociology, English, Dutch and Latin. Minke has an excellent score of 115 on her TOEFL and is scheduled to take  the ACT in June of 2016.


Minke is a very serious and ambitious person. She would like to spend a lot of time on hockey, but takes her study seriously as well. She is really looking forward to study at a well-respected US university and to play for its field hockey team.

Athletic information


Minke started playing field hockey at the age of 6 and during her junior career she has always played for the highest teams of Upward, often an age group higher. Her club Upward has great facilities including an Olympic "blue" pitch and a World Championships "green" pitch and the Dutch national teams practice weekly there when preparing for an upcoming championship.


In 2014 Minke won the district championship and reached the third place in the National Talent Cup. Last year she played the finals of the national league under 16 (Super B). Minke is currently playing for the highest under 18 team and is playing with her team in the highest national league (Landelijk). In addition to her junior team she has also been playing for the first women’s team of Upward since the age of 16. This team competes at the top of the first league and played the national play offs twice during the last 3 years. 


Minke is a very skilled all-round field hockey player who started as a striker and gradually developed into a defender with offensive skills. Turnovers after interception are her specialty and she has great technical skills. In the first women’s team she is frequently used as a striker.


Minke is responsible for penalty shots, penalty corners (including drag-flick) and shootouts. She has a scoop over 75 feet allowing the team to handle full press by the opponent. Minke also acts as a defender in the defense of a penalty corner. If the situation requires it Minke can replace the regular goalkeeper as a flying goalkeeper. 


Minke loves to play indoor hockey. This winter she reached the last four of the District with her under 18 team. She plays for the first women’s indoor team as well that competes at the second highest national level.