Floor Rozemeijer Placed

Hockeybeurs Amerika Floor

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2016




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'11 ft
Weight: 170 lbs

Personal and academic information


Floor is a seventeen year old girl living with her family in Santpoort-Zuid, The Netherlands.  She has a younger sister who is in high school and an older brother  who is in college majoring engineering. Her father played badminton at the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club and studied at the Santa Monica College as a former Dutch champion. 


Floor is a very athletic girl and she has played different sports from the age of 6. She used to run track at a high level but since this was hard to combine with her bigger passion field hockey she had to quit. During winter breaks Floor loves to ski with her family. Furthermore, Floor is a very social girl who enjoys spending time with her teammates, friends and family. 


Besides playing hockey, Floor is a trainer and coach herself of the junior field hockey teams. She contributes to the administration of the youth for her club, which includes organizing hockey events. During the holidays Floor is part of Bovelander&Bovelander, an organization which sets up hockey camps for juniors. 


Floor is currently a senior at the highest level of high school (Atheneum).  Her subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology,  Mathematics, Dutch literature, English language and literature, Frence language and literature & Sports. In the future, Floor hopes to see herself playing field hockey in the US and taking classes focused on medicines. 


Athletic Information


Floor started playing field hockey at HC Haarlem in 2004 and has always played in the highest junior team. Although she really enjoyed playing for HC Haarlem, Floor decided to move to MHC HBS in order to play at a higher level in 2012. At MHC HBS she continued to play for the highest junior team and she is currently playing in the Super-A League. She recently played against Madhya Pradesh hockey academy from India. 


Floor is a tall (5’11 ft), very strong and steady defender who prefers to play sweeper but could also be used as a left or right-back. She always has a good timing to make a stick tackle, as well as her long arms making her able to get the ball earlier than her opponents. In addition, Floor is a real team player who never gives up and motivates her teammates.  During the offensive penalty corner, Floor is the stopper and during the defensive penalty corner she is the 'second' runner.