Merle Kooman Placed

Hockeybeurs Amerika Merle

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2016




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'6 ft
Weight:  136 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Merle Kooman is a seventeen-year-old girl from Zaandam, The Netherlands, who grew up with her parents, two younger sisters and her older brother. Merle is a very athletic girl who loves to snowboard (In Austria in the winter and indoors during the summer) and she also practiced gymnastics on top level until the age of twelve. However, because field hockey is more about team spirit, Merle decided to quit gymnastics and fully focus on playing field hockey. 

In her spare time Merle goes to the gym, coaches the junior field hockey team and babysits. Besides that, she has a very vibrant social life with friends and family.

Merle is in her senior year of high school (Higher General Secondary Education) and she will graduate in June 2016. Her subjects include: French, German, English, Dutch, Mathematics, Economics, History and she has already passed her exam in BSM (Movement, Sports and Management). She is diligent and she will do anything to achieve the best grades. Merle will retake the SAT in January of 2016.

Merle’s biggest dream is to play field hockey in the US and study sports marketing or sports management.

Athletic Information

Merle started playing field hockey in 2004, when she was six years old.  During her junior career she has always played in the highest ranked team of her club, Z.H.C. De Kraaien. 

When Merle was fifteen years old Merle was asked to practice and play in the highest women’s team and shortly after that she made her debute for the first women’s team. Merle is currently playing as a team captain in the Super A League for the highest junior team.

Merle is a very fast, strong and resolute offensive defender who is hard to pass. Her favorite position is sweeper but she can also be used as a midfielder. Furthermore, Merle is very strong when she has the ball and her teammates can rely on her. As captain of her team she takes leadership and coaches her teammates. 

In the offensive penalty corner she is the hitter and in the defensive penalty corner she is the rusher. Besides all her field hockey skills, Merle is also a very good indoor hockey player.