Doris Offerhaus Placed

Hockey beurs Amerika

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2016




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight:  121 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Doris Offerhaus is 16 years old and lives in Naarden, The Netherlands.  She is part of a very athletic family and everybody plays field hockey at a high level.

Doris was born in Hong Kong and moved to China when she was six months old. At the age of three she returned to The Netherlands. Two years later she moved with her family to Accra, Ghana, were she lived the next 3 years. In Accra Doris attended the Lincoln Community School, an international school, with all classes in English. It was at the Lincoln school that Doris got exposed to all kind of people with different backgrounds, home countries, habits and attitudes. She adored living in such an international environment and loved making friends from all these different countries. 

Besides her hockey skills she has a great ambition to get high grades. She is currently in her junior year at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (VWO level) and she is expected to graduate in June 2016. Her subjects are: Mathematics, Economics, Business, History, English, Dutch, Spanish and French. Doris scored a 1030 on her SAT and a 98 on her TOEFL.

Doris is also strongly commitment to her local community. She has taught at a middle school for the visual handicapped, has been trainer and coach for different youth club teams and is valued highly by her teachers as an joyful and responsible member of her school community.  

When she learned that it is possible to combine her favorite sport with her university program in the US, she was thrilled and it became her dream to enroll in this program.


Athletic information


Doris started to play field hockey at the age of 8 at Hockey Club Naarden and during her junior career she has always played in the highest team of her age group. In 2012 Doris has been selected to play for the district “Netherlands Middle”.  In 2013 Doris was trained by Allison Annan (coach from the Dutch National Team and best player of the world in 1998 and 2000) and Leiah Brigitha (Dutch international). Last season she was trained and coached by Kenny Bain (Scottish international and striker of Amsterdam 1).


This season, Doris is captain of the highest under eighteen girls team that plays at the second highest national junior level. In addition, Doris also joined the first women’s team as a full member that is close to being promoted to the first division. 

Doris is a talented player who can be used at multiple positions, but she prefers to play midfield. She has great technical skills, strong tackle back and a great amount of persistence. In addition she is  fast, hard working and a strong team player. Doris is also a post guard in case of a penalty corner

This season Doris will remain captain of her team U-18 as well as a full member of the  first women’s team.