Kiki Bink Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015



January 2015

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6' ft
Weight: 141 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Kiki Bink, 16 years old, lives in Wageningen, The Netherlands, with her parents and three older sisters.  She and her family are enthusiastic participants in many sports, but the field hockey is the passion of the entire family.  Kiki has been playing field hockey since she was 5, but has also found time to enjoy sailing, tennis and golf in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.


Kiki is very social and she loves to spend time with her teammates. She is an active member of her hockey club and she coaches a junior hockey team every Friday (she is a certified HT2 coach).


Kiki’s love of sports is matched by her commitment to academic achievement .She is currently a senior at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (gymnasium) with a 3.6 GPA. Her subjects are: physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, history, English and Greek. Kiki is also a participant in the Cambridge program for the advanced study of English. 

She is scheduled to take the TOEFL in January 2015.

Athletic Information


Since Kiki joined the HC Wageningen hockey club at 5 years old, and through her entire junior career, she has played on the first team in her age group. 


She has played an important role on each of her teams, both as a player and as a team leader, including serving as captain.  On her present team, A1, Kiki plays starting midfielder, and also plays as a defender when needed.  Her team plays at the highest junior level, “landelijk”, meaning national competition. 


In addition to her own  team, Kiki plays for and practices with the women’s team “Jong Wageningen”.  This team is made up of the best of the junior and second women’s teams.  Players are chosen based on their potential to play on the first women’s team that competes at the highest women’s level in The Netherlands (Hoofdklasse).  Last year, Kiki made her debut on the first women’s team and practices with them weekly.


Kiki is a tall (6' ft 141 lbs) strong midfielder that has great overview and has a good eye for the position of her fellow players. She is a reliable player with great technical abilities. Her other skills are: good overhead ball, stopping the penalty corners, hardworking and always wanting to win. In addition Kiki is a great indoor player, She and her team have reached the national championships for 5 consecutive years, achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


Kiki is a talented, hardworking student and athlete, determined not only to develop her own skills, but to help her team succeed in every game.  Her dream is to play field hockey while pursuing a degree in the United States.