Illona Hartman Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 128 lbs

Personal information

Illona Hartman comes from a very sportive family and has always lived in a small town (near Haarlem and Amsterdam) named Velserbroek. Illona is a very social and chatty girl who enjoys having lots of people around her. She loves doing activities with her friends and is very enthusiastic too when it comes to planning those activities. Besides Field hockey, Illona played several sports including Gymnastics, track and tennis.


Travelling has also been a passion of her as well. Illona feels exploring the world can offer her a lot and she currently did a volunteer trip in the summer of 2014. She went to a preschool for vulnerable children in Swaziland (Africa) where she was teaching basic English and mathematics.


Illona is a very smart student who graduated the highest level of high school in The Netherlands ("Gymnasium") with a GPA of 3.3 in June 2013. Thanks to her high marks in mathematics and biology she was tutoring other students in these subjects. She also participated in various mathematics and biology competitions over the past few years.


She is currently enrolled as a freshman at the Technical University of Eindhoven studying Architecture and building environment and she lives in a student housing in Eindhoven. Most of her subjects are given in English, so she is used to the English lectures already. Like this she will become a very independent and responsible woman, ready for the US. Illona wants to continue her studies (engineering or biological) in the US while enriching her English, expanding her knowledge  and improving her hockey skills.


Illona achieved a combined score (Cr + M) of 1080 on her SAT and a 106 on her TOEFL. 


Athletic information


Illona started her field hockey career at HC Haarlem and during her junior career she played for the first girls team at “topklasse” level. At this moment she is playing in the second women’s team of a new, more professional club in Bloemendaal, MHC HBS. Here she is playing at the ‘reserve eerste klasse/reserve overgangsklasse’ level.


Because of her study in the south of the Netherlands she currently plays field hockey four times a week. Two times with her own team (HBS) in the weekends and two times during the week in Eindhoven at HC Eindhoven. This team is playing at the 'reserve hoofdklasse' level, the highest level in the Netherlands.  


Illona has played different international tournaments against teams from England, Germany and the national team of South-Africa. She has also played in the school team for Mendel college, ever since she became a student there. 


Illona is a very fast midfielder who is very hard to pass and the percentage of her losing the ball is very low. Thanks to her speed she is often involved in the attack and she gives a lot of assists, which frequently result in a goal. Her speed is also a good use for the defense penalty corner, namely as a first runner/outflow. She is a very dedicated team player and someone who can really support and lead other players. In addition she is always very energetic and never gives up. This combined with her good overview and technique makes her an ideal midfielder. 


Beside field hockey practice, Illona also stays in shape by running and going to the Gym. In addition she will improve her running technique and speed by personal athletic training at 'Asterix' (Eindhovens athletic association) during the upcoming winter/fall.