Lies Lagerweij Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:






Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6'1ft
Weight:  165 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Lies is a 17 year old girl  who grew up in the historical city of Delft, The Netherlands. Her father works as a lawyer and her mother works as a purser for the Royal Dutch Airlines. As a child Lies was always interested in sports. Although field hockey is her favorite sport, Lies was also active in other sports such as tennis and soccer, which she played alongside hockey for several years. In addition she plays the piano and loves to read.

Aside from playing hockey Lies also taught a junior hockey team, worked in several hockey camps and she was a member of the youth committee for her hockey club HDM. This summer she was  a volunteer in a children’s home in Equador (South America)  organized by the HDM Youth Academy. 

Lies is a good student, attending the highest level of education (VWO Athenaeum) and she has a great interest in subjects as History and Economics. She was part of the editorial staff of the school newspaper and she attended several exchange programs, for example  she went to Israël and London last year.

She currently a senior in high school (holding a GPA of 2.7) and is expected to graduate in June 2014. Lies successfully scored a 1070 (CR and Math combined) on her SAT and a 98 on her TOEFL.

Her goal for the next few years is to further develop her field hockey talents while obtaining a bachelor degree in the USA.

Athletic Information

Lies started to play field hockey when she was 5 years old. Her first club was Ring Pass in Delft where her talents were recognized. In order to play at a higher level Lies transferred to HDM in 2009. HDM plays at the highest level in the Netherlands and has a reputation for having  a great youth academy. 

Lies is a 6'1 ft 165 lbs  forward player who scores easily due to her ability to stay calm in the circle in combination with her outstanding technical skills. Lies has a  very powerful shot (forehand as well as  backhand), has a great dribble and she is able to read a game very well. She is  the main penalty corner taker and she often uses  a drag flick. 

Lies was part of the district team of the Dutch Hockey Federation for four consecutive years. Since then, Lies has always played at the highest level in The Netherlands. In addition Lies is a great indoor hockey player

Her best Achievements past years:

Season 2012/2013 

  • Silver medal Dutch National Championships (field); 
  • Bronze medal Dutch National Championship (indoor)

Season 2011/2012 

  • Silver medal Dutch National Championship (indoor)

Season 2009/2010 

  • Gold medal DOD (tournament of district teams of the Dutch Hockey Federation)
  • silver medal Dutch National Championship (field)
  • bronze medal Dutch National Championship (indoor)

Season 2008/2009 

  • Gold medal Dutch National Championship (indoor)
  • silver medal ICC tournament (Field)