Carolina Vergroesen Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2013




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'1 ft
Weight: 125 lbs

Personal and Academic Information 

Carolina was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in a real field hockey family. She comes from a big family of six children, herself being number 5.


Aside from hockey she has practiced gymnastics for 7 years and she even became champion of Amsterdam in 2009. She is just very much into sports in general, living in Holland she ice skates every winter. And when she went to an international sports tournament in Brussels to represent her school she won medals on all three sports: sprint, 800m and soccer.   


Other interests, aside from sports are playing the guitar and painting.  She was scouted when she was 9 to join the educational arts program of the museum the Hermitage. She finished the program three years later. 


In addition, she has also coached the juniors of her club for 4 consecutive years (2009-2012).


Carolina is an excellent student who is in the top of her senior class at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands holding a 4.0 GPA. She has followed bilingual education and now in her senior years she follows the IB english program. At school she was a yearbook editor in her first year, helped with the junior sports tournament in her 5th and also in her 5th participated in EYP. EYP is a European program dedicated to function as a speaking platform for interested youths in Europe. She and her school team made it to the National finals.

Carolina scored a 115 on her TOEFL and will be taking the SAT test in December and upon completion of this exam, she will be eligible to compete in the NCAA.

Athletic Information

Carolina started to play hockey at the age of 7 at HC Pinoké, one of the best Clubs in the Netherlands. During her junior career, she has always played in the highest team in her age group performing at the highest national level.


In 2011, she and her team won the league and this year they reached a third place at the international tournament of the Hague.


Carolina is an all-round player and therefore has always played more or less on every position in the field. From right froward to the midfield to left back and therefor she develloped an excellent game insight. This year she plays right/central defense. 


Carolina is extremely fast and playing at the right back gives her the opportunity to make long running streaks all the way up to the circle. Her speed also got her the position of first runner in the defending corner. Carolina is a team player and loves the passing game. Carolina’s strengths are her:

- speed

- slap

- strength

- defending skills

- winners mentality

- hard working


Carolina has also been the regular substitute of her sisters’ team that plays in the womens reserve overgangsklasse. Playing with seniors, has made Carolina stronger both mentally and physically.