Isabel Flens fall Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2013



Fall 2012

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'3
Weight: 119
High School: Gymnasium Celeanum

Personal and Academic Information

Isabel was born in Amsterdam and moved to the small city of Hattem with her parents and little brother when she was 3 years old. Before she could even walk properly, Isabel already fell in love with the ball. She played soccer in the streets of Amsterdam, played tennis in the garden in Hattem and finally, at the age of 6, she could join the field hockey club of Hattem.

Isabel’s friendly attitude and relaxed behavior makes people feel comfortable in her company. She is known as a loyal friend and pleasant companion. People admire her calm acting and like her mild sense of humor. She mingles easily within and between different groups of friends. 

Isabel participated actively in various student exchange programs within Europe, which were organized by her school. She also visited different parts of the world with her parents, such as Asia, the Caribbean and of course Suriname in South America, where her grandfather was born.

At school Isabel is a hard worker, delivering good results at the highest level of education (gymnasium) without ever skipping a practice. Isabel will enter her senior year and her goal for the next few years after her exams is to exploit her talent for field hockey. She would like to be part of the American top-class sports mentality. Therefore she wishes to play hockey in the United States and at the same time obtain a business degree preparing for her future after sports.

Athletic Information


Her first years as a field hockey player were at the field hockey club of Hattem, a club well known for the high level training of technical skills. Right from the beginning Isabel her talents were recognized playing for the highest teams and always playing with one to two year older girls. 

At the age of 12 Isabel transferred to the field hockey club of Zwolle, where she played in the highest national junior competition. With her team she reached the national semi finals in 2010. In 2011, Isabel was invited by the national field hockey association (KNHB) for training sessions with the national junior team (under 18). This year, Isabel is a starter for the first women’s team of the field hockey club of Zwolle, playing in the 2nd highest national women’s league. In her first game she started and scored a backhand goal. 

Isabel’s strong characteristics as a field hockey player: 

  • Strong forwarder as well as offensive midfielder
  • High technical skills
  • Quick, dynamic and a smart player
  • Intelligent player, natural talent for positioning and eye for fellow players
  • Enjoys making her team and fellow players play better (passing and assists)
  • Go-getter