Hester van der Laan placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2013



June 2012

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'9
Weight: 134
High School: Barlaeus Gymnasium

Personal and Academic Information

Hester, a native from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, got acquainted with hockey through her family who are very active in sports. Hester has always been an enthusiastic worker, not only at hockey but also at school. She is currently enrolled as a junior at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands. She is a very good student and is expected to graduate in June of 2013. Hester is taking a wide variety of different courses because she has a very broad interest.

Hester is very active in many school activities. She is representing her school in the debating team, participating in the European Youth Parliament. Hester has been selected for the international EYP championship in Europe this year which will be held in Istanbul. In addition to debating, Hester has also been successful in a national math contest. Her team won the first prize and were invited to Boston, where they followed a couple of math courses at Harvard and MIT. Hester was also chosen to be one of the main organizers of a yearly mayor school tournament. This has contributed to the election of one of the members of the student council at her school. 

Hester has a Certificate in Advanced English and is scheduled to take both her SAT and TOEFL in june of 2012. In addition to that she will be doing her AP micro economics this year.


Athletic Information

During her junior career, Hester has always played in the highest division in her age group. In 2009, at the age of 14 she was scouted for the district team and was then selected for the reserve national team, in 2010. Last year, at the age of 16, she practiced with the first women's team at her club, Hurley, which competes at the highest national women's level.

She is a very dedicated team player and someone who can really support and lead other players. Therefor she was chosen to be team captain from 2007 till 2011.

Hester's favorite position is on the midfield but she has also played as a defender in the past. She is a good defender and it is very hard to pass her. She is also very offensive because of her good pass and technique. She is always very energetic and never gives up. This combined with her overview and technique makes her an ideal midfielder. Now that she is positioned in midfield she scores a lot. In the second half of the club competition, she has scored in every single game. One of her specialties is the backflip.