• + What is an athletic scholarship?
    • In the U.S., sports in colleges have a much higher value than anywhere else in the world and athletic scholarships are being awarded to students with exceptional athletic abilities. Over 70 000 people watching a college football game in a stadium is nothing unusual! By having good sports teams that compete with other top-ranked teams all over the country, universities are able to generate a significant amount of income through ticket sales, merchandise, advertisements, donations, and other publicity. As a result of this high emphasis on sports as part of the academic culture, colleges are always on the lookout for top athletes that help their teams reach a good ranking. By offering athletic scholarships, athletes get the opportunity to study at an American college without having to pay for the full costs of tuition, housing, etc., which can easily sum up to over $40 000 per year depending on the school.

  • + How can I get a scholarship?
    • For players outside the U.S., it can be difficult to get a scholarship on their own. There are many rules and regulations that you need to be aware of and requirements to be fulfilled in order to even be considered by a school. This makes the process quite complicated. MADE Scholarships offers prospective athletes with a recruiting service that helps them get in touch with coaches and provides support throughout the entire application process.

  • + What can I study in the U.S.?
    • An athletic scholarship is not linked to the topic you study. This means that it is completely up to you what you would like to study while you are there. You enrol at the department of your choice as a regular student and you will be treated as such. This means that once in school, you must manage your time effectively in order to be able to attend your classes, go to practice and study in the evening. Most schools offer a wide range of studies for you to choose from. Part of our service is helping you choose the type of school that is right for you.

  • + Where will I live / sleep / eat?
    • Most students live in student dormitories on the college campus. Depending on what college you attend, there may be special dormitories accessible to athletes only. There are also possibilities for you to live off campus. In general, costs are higher (assuming the additional cost is not included in your scholarship) and you almost certainly need a car to get around. Many students live on campus the first and second year and choose to move off campus their last two years. Every college has a dining hall where you can purchase a meal plan (this may also be included in the scholarship package).

  • + What is an American university degree worth in Europe?
    • Within Europe, the Bologna reform has adapted to the American system over the past couple of years. This means that it is easier for a student to transfer credits from one college to another. The American educational system is widely regarded as the world's best and a bachelor's or master's degree from a n American university is accepted almost everywhere.

  • + What are the prerequisites for me to study in the U.S. with an athletic scholarship?
    • The general requirements are no different than the requirements for all students. In order to be admitted as a regular student in an American school, you need to have a high school degree equal in value to the one awarded after 12-years of U.S. high school. If you arealready a college student, you might be able to transfer the credits you have achieved so far into your current school to the one you wish to attend in the U.S.

      However, in order to be eligible for an athletic scholarship, you need to pay special attention to thespecific regulations regarding age limits and athletic licenses.

  • + Which university can I apply to?
    • You may apply to any school you like. However, there are so many different schools that it is hard to pick out the right ones, especially if you live in another country and you're not familiar with most of them. If you want to get an athletic scholarship there are over 26 different sports that offer them.

  • + How high is the playing level in college?
    • The level of play can vary quite a bit. There are different divisions – NCAA I, NCAA II, NAIA, NJCAA – within which the level can vary tremendously. NCAA I is the largest and best division overall. However there are a lot of teams playing in the other divisions that could easily compete in the NCAA I. The factors that determine in which division a school plays in are not the quality of their athletic teams but rather the size of the school and the number of sponsored sports it offers.

  • + What does a usual day look like?
    • A usual day for an athlete at an American university looks about this way: Get up in the morning depending when your first class starts. Sometimes during preseason it's possible that you have conditioning with the team early in the morning in order to get in shape for the season. After your classes you go have lunch at the dining hall and in the afternoon, depending on your sport you go practice. Practice usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours per day before you go for dinner. For the most part, practice is quite intense and very professional including weightlifting and running sessions. There is a reason why many athletes enter the professional tour after four years of college sport. After dinner you are free to do what you would like. Sometimes you will certainly have to study in the library for a test or maybe you even have another class in the evening.

  • + How much of the costs will a scholarship cover?
    • This depends entirely up to you. The better you present and market yourself the better are your chances for a good scholarship. If a coach offers you a full scholarship, this means that the tuition costs, the costs for food as well as the costs for housing on campus are covered. Depending on your status in the team you can also be given percentages of these costs. The scholarship will not cover your personal expenses such as pocket money, flights home, excursions, insurance, etc.

  • + For how long will a scholarship last?
    • Initially you get your scholarship awarded for one year. After each year the coach evaluates your performance and automatically offers you a new one for the next year. So in general once, you get a scholarship it lasts for the full four years.

  • + Can I lose my scholarship?
    • You will never lose your scholarship immediately due to a weak performance or injury. The coach might reduce it a little when you don't seem to recover and get back to your old performance. This means that you will never fall from 80% scholarship to only 40% from one year to another. However, if you cheat in exams, if your academic performance is not sufficient, if you play unfairly or you don't obey the rules and regulation of the campus, then it is possible that you might lose your scholarship.

  • + What is NCAA Clearinghouse?
    • The NCAA Clearinghouse checks the "initial eligibility" of each player playing in on of the NCAA divisions. It gives out a "licence to compete" to each player. Without this licence a player cannot play in the NCAA I or II. The factors that decide whether or not a player is awarded eligibility are his/her SAT results and academic performance. In addition the Clearinghouse will check whether a player is an amateur athlete in the US understanding. The fee for the registration is currently $60. Concerning a player's eligibility the NCAA Clearinghouse is the ultimate authority. However, it has no authority over NAIA or NJCAA divisions.

  • + What is the SAT test?
    • The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is made up of two parts: Math and English. It is required in order to be able to register at the NCAA Clearinghouse and to enrol at most universities.

  • + What is the TOEFL test?
    • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a language test for non native English speakers. It is required in order to be able to enrol at an American university if your native language is not English.

  • + How can MADE Scholarships be of assistance to you?
    • College coaches are always looking for good players in order to expand their team. Each semester they receive applications from private individuals who would like to apply for a scholarship. However, a coach needs specific documents from a player in order to even have a look at him or her. Most of the time some documents are missing or they are not translated correctly. MADE Scholarships not only serves as a first screening entity for the coaches but ensures that our clients have all the athletic as well as academic documents ready and that they meet all the specific requirements. The main advantage of MADE Scholarships is the personal contact we have with coaches and universities all over the country.

  • + What are my chances of starting a career as a professional athlete after college?
    • Amongst today's best athletes many have played college before. This shows that through an athletic scholarship you will have all the options open after you graduate. On the one side, the intense daily practice, the professional coaching you receive and the time to develop yourself further as a player prepares you very well for the professional tour. On the other side, should something go wrong along the way (e.g. a serious injury) which prevents you from turning professional, you will have an excellent education, which you can build upon and make a great career in your field of business.

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