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An athletic scholarship offers you a way to pay for school while playing the sport you love.

Many athletes across the globe are not aware of the opportunities to study in the U.S. through an athletic scholarship. In most countries, when it comes to playing sports on a high level, there is often a trade-off between school and sport. However, by playing sports in an American college, it is possible to combine the two perfectly. You, the student athlete, sign a contract to represent the school and compete in your respective sport while the school offers you financial support to help pay for tuition and other relevant costs. The amount of support a school will provide a student athlete ranges anywhere from a small yearly tuition percentage to a full scholarship that covers all costs. An athletic scholarship allows you to develop and improve as an athlete while experiencing the American college life and working towards obtaining a diploma in the field of your choice.

Why do colleges offer athletic scholarships?

In college sports, athletes compete as a team and represent their college when playing against other schools. National competitions and tournaments provide good publicity and are therefore a way for colleges to grow in status and expand their network. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for the college as well as for the athlete.

How does the combination of sports and academics work?

Athletes practice under the supervision of a fulltime coach. Practice generally lasts, depending on the sport, between 2 and 4 hours per day. For many athletes, it is a good idea to use college as a way to further develop their athletic and competitive abilities while earning an academic degree. Once they graduate from college, they still have the option to pursue their dream and turn pro.

When to apply?

It is very important that you apply well ahead of time. Coaches want to build their teams as early as possible and they only have a limited amount of scholarships available. You should start working with MADE Scholarships approximately 1 year before you plan on starting your studies in the U.S.. Sometimes we are able to find a place for a player at the last minute; however, we don’t recommend you to wait too long, as you will have considerably less choices as well as lower scholarship offers. In addition, keep in mind all the administrative tasks that you will need to take care of (e.g. apply for a student visa) may usually take a couple of months to complete.

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