Sofie Meijlink Placed

Hockeybeurs Amerika Sofie

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2018




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 132 lbs 

Personal and academic information


Sofie is a 17-year-old girl who lives together with her parents and twin-sister, Fransje, in De Bilt, The Netherlands. She is a very social and happy individual who loves working together with other people and learning new things. In addition, she loves traveling and exploring new cultures, which is why she has the dream of studying in the US. Her wish is to combine this with her biggest passion, field hockey. 


Sofie is a real team player, not only on the field but also in her personal life. She has always been a very hard and well organized worker. She is very result driven and ambitious in setting her goals. 


Besides field hockey, Sofie loves anything that involves creativity like art, photography and fashion. Her high school has helped her develop her art talents, she follows additional culture and arts programs on top of the regular academic program the school offers. 


Sofie is currently in her senior year of High School at the highest level of education in the Netherlands (VWO) and is expected to graduate in June of 2018. She will graduate in the subjects: economics, history, social sciences, English language, French language, geography, mathematics and art.  


Athletic information


At the age of 9, Sofie started to play field hockey for one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands, SCHC. SCHC´s first ladies team has reached the play-offs for the Dutch national championship these past 6 years. This is reflected in the level of training and guidance that is provided for the U18 teams.


During her junior career, Sofie has played for the selection teams of her age group. The selection teams are the top teams, focused on training and guiding the most talented youth. This year Sofie played in the second-best team in U18 in the sub top klasse. Her team played a great season and became the best second team nationwide.


Sofie is a strong technical defender with a distinct focus on setting up the attacks. Her passes are sharp and strong and bring the forwards into striking position. Sofie is also physically strong and also strong in a physical one-on-one. In difficult situations, she steps up and can be a real grinder. As captain she sets an example for and motivates the rest of the team. In addition she is the number 1 runner in the defensive penalty corner.


Word from her coach


"Sofie is a typical defender who can play at every position in the back. Her strength is on the right hand side where she can show her offensive skills as well. Sofie has good receiving and short passing qualities and it is in her nature to think forward. Her defensive skills are her main quality, she is a very strong defender, never gives up and very good in the 1v1;  channeling with at the end a clean sticktackle. In addition she has excellent footwork and positioning. If she plays in a free role in the middle, she iss always at the right spot to help everyone when it necessary.

Sofie has been one of the most coachable and eager players I have worked with during the past 4 years I have coached her,." Luuk van Duren (hoofdklasse speler)